Our Mission

Northern Light Health improves the health of the people and communities we serve. That's our mission, that's our purpose. When you support your local Northern Light Health member organization with a planned gift, you're improving access to care in your community and helping our friends and neighbors live their healthiest possible lives.

An investment in your local healthcare organization can make a difference immediately, but it will also be felt for generations to come. Therefore, a planned gift creates a true lasting legacy that reflects your commitment to building a healthier community now and far into the future.

Thank you for your interest in Northern Light Health and creating a healthier community.


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At Northern Light Health, we're building a better approach to healthcare because we believe people deserve access to care that works for them. As an integrated health delivery system serving Maine, we're raising the bar with no-nonsense solutions that are leading the way to a healthier future for our state. Our more than 12,000 team members are committed to making healthcare work for you: our patients, communities, and employees.